Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair

Diamond Cut Alloy wheel repair requires a CNC Lathe to be done properly, however at AlloyRefinish we can replicate Diamond Cut finish using our smart repair techniques.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel repair

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel repair


AlloyRefinish now offer a mobile Smart diamond cut alloy wheel repair.

Most diamond cut wheels can be identified by their front face. These usually have a slightly shiny/polished appearance, very much like the surface of a cd. It is not uncommon that the inside faces of the wheel will be a different colour to the front face.

If you are unsure we can identify what type of repair is required by a photo.

Most companies who repair Diamond cut wheels will have a static business, which means that during the repair you will have to leave your car with them for two to three days.

We have a mobile facility, which means that you can have the repairs completed at your home or workplace in a fraction of the time and a fraction of the cost of re cutting your wheels.

This is why motor dealers and private individuals alike choose AlloyRefinish time and time again.

Please enquire stating your type of wheel and one of our technicians will advise.

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