puncture prevention

Puncture prevention

AlloyRefinish are proud to offer Puncture prevention and are the official installers for PunctureSafe.

PunctureSafe is a special blend of polymers which coats and clings to the inner tyre, this offers a permanent puncture prevention treatment and tyre life extender/ conditioner.

Once installed, PunctureSafe not only seals punctures, it conditions the inner casing, preventing the porosity leaks caused by tiny holes and cracks. In other words after installing PunctureSafe the tyres maintain the correct air pressure and the need to regularly top with air is virtually eliminated, and with correctly inflated tyres you get better fuel economy, your tyres also run cooler eliminating that problem of heat build up.

Tyres treated with PunctureSafe last considerably longer, and cooler tyres are also less susceptible to punctures.

PunctureSafe is water based method of Puncture prevention, for easy clean out if ever you need to do this and is installed in minutes through the tyre valve with very little air loss and without removing any wheels.

Take a look at their website for all the facts – www.puncturesafe.com