Standard Alloy Wheel Repair

Standard Alloy Wheel Repair.

AlloyRefinish is your perfect choice for mobile standard alloy wheel repair in your area, with our high quality – No Fix, No Fee service.

Unlike some of the franchises that offer standard alloy wheels repair, we refurbish the whole face of the wheel and not just the damaged area.

We finish the wheel with 2-Pack lacquer for durability.  Kerbing, scuffs and scrapes can be repaired at your choice of location.

Standard Alloy Wheel Repair in Wimbledon Park, our mobile units are only ever minutes away from our customer base in Wimbledon, and are more than happy to lend a hand in a moment of need.

Wheel damage is a common occurrence when driving on well-used, pot holed roads and in a worst case scenario can be highly detrimental to a both a vehicles performance and its appearance.

Getting the right solution should not be expensive or time consuming, and AlloyRefinish is able to deliver an effective, prompt standard alloy wheel repair service in Wimbledon for a price that beats any garage.

General wear and tear / kerbing can spoil the overall appearance of your car and can have a detrimental effect on its value should you choose to sell it, it’s going to be essential you have your alloy wheels repaired.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians can solve this by offering you a cost effective and convenient alloy wheel repair solution at home or work.

After your initial contact a repair visit will be scheduled at which point the Technician will carry out the standard alloy wheel repair if possible. If the damage is deemed unsuitable for a mobile repair the Technician will give you a range of repair solutions to choose from.

If a repair cannot be carried out at this visit you are under no obligation to continue further and there are no charges associated with the visit.

In addition to the standard allow wheel repair, we can also carry out colour changes to wheels with our mobile units and repair diamond cut alloy wheels.

Our Technicians carry a wide variety of colours and can advise you if required. If a specific colour is required ( to match your car for example ) an exact colour code would need to be provided at the time of booking.

All painted alloy wheels are repaired in this way are covered by our 12 month warranty ( from the date of repair ).

Prices for the mobile repair service start from £50 + vat per wheel.

AlloyRefinish can refurbish your vehicle at home or work while you wait, saving you time, hassle and money.

Best value in alloy wheel repair

Best value in alloy wheel repair

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